LMLB and Terlingua

The community of Terlingua is a small spot on the map of West Texas.  It is considered to be one of the most remote areas of the lower 48 states.  Next to Big Bend National Park, tourism, with an emphasis on outdoor recreation, is the primary economy.  In a thirty-mile square area, the population is estimated at 1200 people.   The nearest Wal-Mart is 150 miles away, cell phone usage only started to be routine five years ago, and off-the-grid homes are common.

In spite of, or perhaps because of this, Last Minute Low Budget Productions has received enormous local support.  Each production reflects hundreds of hours of volunteer work and hundreds of dollars in donated materials.  For one show it was estimated that a full third of the population was involved, either as cast, crew, technical support, or audience.   Over 350 people have contributed to LMLB productions, over 100 businesses and organization have been involved, and more than 100 actors have performed.  For many in Terlingua, LMLB Productions is the only live theater they have ever experienced.  The incredible support and involvement of the community, coupled with our high standard of theater, is the pride and mission of LMLB. 

 In addition the local area has supported LMLB financially with donations and fundraisers.  The annual Home Tour fundraiser has sell-out attendance each year.  In three recent months (November 2012 – January 2013) LMLB was the chosen recipient for the proceeds of three separate local events (the Menudo Cook-Off, the Annual Black-eyed Pea-Off, and the High Sierra Chili Cook-Off). 

 In addition to producing high quality theater, Last Minute Low Budget Productions is an active part of the South Brewster County community.  Since 2004, LMLB has awarded over $3000.00 in scholarships to graduating seniors of Big Bend High School, and each spring produces the Spring Performing Arts Celebration which highlights the theatrical, dance, and musical talents of Terlingua school students.  From summer solstice celebrations to Christmas programs to the local Green Scene event, LMLB has been and will remain active and supportive of our community.