Board of Directors

 Sarah Bourbon
 Treasurer/Vice President
     Sarah Bourbon has been involved with Last Minute Low Budget Productions since the first show, Ballad of the Sad Cafe, in 1989 doing almost everything except acting--producing, lighting, sound, sets, etc.  She is now Treasurer for the group.  She graduated from North Texas State University with a minor in drama.  Before moving to Terlingua in 1985 she was managing editor of Texas Monthly magazine and in 2004 retired as sales manager for the Big Bend Natural History Association in Big Bend National Park. She now keeps busy running her real estate and  food companies.
 Catfish Callaway
     Gary Callaway was born in Houston, Texas one hundred and four years ago and studied theater at North Texas State University after a brief stint as an art major. "I had to reconsider after one of the girls in the Drama Dept. asked me to come by and watch a rehearsal. She was beautiful." In 1970 Callaway left North Texas to start his own theater company in a ghost town in New Mexico. In 1973 he started Reunion Theater in Houston and, after 6 years of production, left Houston for the desert and Far Flung Adventures. "And he ain't been seen since."
     (Also s
ee Carlton Leatherwood's profile of Catfish in the Alpine Daily Planet's Big Bend People.)
 Voni Glaves
     As a teacher, spring break to Big Bend was Voni's favorite destination for retreat.  After she and husband Paul retired in 2004, they set off to see the world, got as far Big Bend and felt instantly at home.  Sharing pictures and inside looks at our treasures led Voni to becoming an editor at the Terlingua Moon, an editor for Terlingua Today, and South County Bureau chief at the Alpine Daily Planet.  Her acting experience includes a non speaking part in high school.
     (Also see Carlton Leatherwood's profile of Voni in the Alpine Daily Planet's Big Bend People.)
 Marcos Paredes

      (Also see Carlton Leatherwood's profile of Marcos in the Alpine Daily Planet's Big Bend People.)

 Elizabeth Thompson
     Elizabeth, with a MsEd., spent twenty years working in education and non-profit management before moving to Terlingua in 1997.  She has been involved with Last Minute Low Budget since its first production in 2001 as an actress, crew, and board member.  She works for the National Park Service as a Park Ranger six months of the year.
 Scott Watkins
     After several visits, Scott took the plunge and moved to the Big Bend in 1994. In 2005 he took an even bigger plunge and tried acting on stage for the first time ever. He lives in the ghost town and has worked for the concessions in Big Bend National Park, the Starlight Theatre, and currently for Big Bend Natural History Association.
     (Also see Carlton Leatherwood's profile of Scott in the Alpine Daily Planet's Big Bend People.)